Making an Anvil


By Jerry Crawford, Alfred Maine

I recently came across a piece of what I believe is D2 steel in my local scrap yard. It was 7 in diameter and 5 feet long. I took an 18 inch piece over to my Blacksmith friend and we fabricated this nice anvil. I welded on a couple of handles to help me (and a helper, hopefully) move it, three tabs on the bottom so I can bolt it to a stump and a three inch section of 1 1/8 heavy wall square tubing for a hardy hole.  The handles also work as a park for my hammer. The anvil shape is similar to the medieval anvils used for forming armor and Ive read a number of descriptions of knife makers using anvils shaped like this. The anvil weighs over 180 pounds. I paid $0.25 per pound.



This article is Copyright 2003 by Jerry Crawford and is published with the permission of the author .


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